Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alternative Accessories

Well within the last few months my wonderful friends Wryn and Colette have been working on their new business Alternative Accessories. I have been working as a spokes model for them (Morphine on the myspace) and loving every minute of it. I promote them through the internet, word of mouth, and passing out their awesome business cards. With plenty of cute original designs at very reasonable prices you'd think they get a lot of business, even for a new business. They really don't get as much as they should. People find themselves saying, "I'd love to have it, but not right now." I say why not now? These designs are unique and most are only around for a short time. Here are some examples:

You can also check them out on Myspace and Facebook. Myspace is the easiest way to order. (you will have to add them as friends on Myspace in order to see the pictures.)


I didn't remember that I had a blog, Silly right? Well I guess I should use it some time. Too bad I don't have any great theme to write about. I will ponder these things and get back on here later. Right now I have to go to the store.