Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zombies vs. Robots: Art War Show

The Rusted Nail hosts a new DIY custom Designer Vinyl show on the 2nd Friday of every month. October's theme: Zombies vs Robots. We've all thought about zombies fighting other things, pirates, ninjas, and even ourselves. Well now you can put your creative spin on this interesting match up.

When: Friday, October 14 (6:00pm - 11:00pm)
The Rusted Nail
158 W. Main St.
Mesa, Arizona

From the event page:
Zombies vs. Robots, an art show featuring custom designer vinyl toys, resin figures, altered art, paintings, and more.

The center island display with depict a diorama setting pitting Zombie customs against Robot customs by artists from all over. While paintings with the theme in mind will surround the setting.

We are currently looking for artists both local and international wanting to be a part. Whether you're a customizer, make your own resin figures, or a traditional canvas painter. Chose your side, Zombies or Robots and be a part of this epic battle.

How to contact them:

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