Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baking the day away

I spent 9 hours yesterday helping my mom make edible presents for her co-workers.

We made for them:
- Caramel & Chocolate w/ Toffee Pretzel Sticks
- Caramel & Chocolate w/ White Chocolate Drizzle Pretzel Sticks
- Red Velvet Cake Balls
-Chocolate Drizzled Fiddle Faddle
-Chocolate Dipped Spiced Walnut Biscotti

Though all very simple to prepare it is all time consuming. Melting chocolate, decorating, remelting chocolate, preparing mixes, making frosting...I was exhausted

The pretzels:

Making cake balls:
The Frosting

After forming them:

Decorating them:

Finally how we packaged the Fiddle Faddle:

I was going to write a lot more but I just wanted this up for now. It was a long day and my kitchen is still a horror scene.


  1. oh my! 9 hours?! That's really thoughtful of you and your mom though... hope the receivers are grateful :]

    Happy Holidays!

  2. They were very grateful, and I was very tired.

    Happy Holidays to you!