Thursday, March 10, 2011

How vegan's party

Ok so many people know, I'm not vegan.
But a lot of my friends are and I love vegan food. If I ever choose to be vegan it would be easy lol.
Well recently I went to a clothing exchange/dinner (People bring clothes, take turns looking through pile, have snacks). Yeah its kinda girly, but I'm female, so I'm allowed to do such things.

My food contribution was veggies, hummus and fruit.

~Veggie Platter W/ homemade hummus~
(all hand cut)

~Veggies that wouldn't fit on the platter~

~Celery w/ vegan cheese~

~Fruit w/ dark chocolate dip~
(that was REALLY thick)

Middle: Lemon Doodle
Second row:  Vanilla-Walnut "Shortbread" Cookies
Outer row: Cocoa Snowballs
Some how not only was all the food vegan, it was raw vegan. Pretty awesome.

We didn't end up getting pics of what other people brought/the party itself. We were far too distracted. 
It being a clothing exchange I got some awesome scores: Feather Earrings, New top, Shorts, A top for my mom and some pinstripe pants for my best friend. All in all it was a good night. ^_^

If any of the recipes are wanted, just let me know. I don't feel like posting them lol. 
(The chocolate dip, celery w/ cheese, and dessert were made by my friend Crash, not me)

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