Saturday, March 5, 2011

New & Old

For the new:

I was given a container of  Toby's Vegan Tofu Paté, something I would have easily passed up in a store for a brand I better recognized but I figured why not try it. I'm glad I did. Unlike a lot of spreads I find, this one wasn't bland (usually it has to be loaded down with spices and then they lose their integrity).

I decided to use it as a spread, so I put it on a whole wheat tortilla with romaine, tomato, asparagus, and some onion. That was dinner last night. It was so good I decided to have it again for lunch but this time I threw some homemade fries on the side (an excuse to use my new mandolin slicer really).

Combined it was really delicious and the spread adds a nice background flavor and really tied it all together.

Now onto the old:

Ok, It's not really old, it's leftover. I hate throwing leftover away because people make new food rather than having the same thing twice. I know repetition is boring for some people but throwing food away is so wasteful.

Recently I made Baked Sausage & Cream Cheese Empanadas. I had leftover of the filling so I froze it. I also recently cooked some spinach but still had half of a can left (I don't normally used canned but it was on sale, I'm poor, enough said). I decided I wanted to make like a breakfast pie, why not.

I put the sausage mixture in a sauce pan with the spinach (that I drained), added spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder), a bit of whole milk (we had no half & half), and some of the Italian cheese mix we had. Gotta use what you have on hand.

Then I realized I had to make a pie crust, something I've been sort of dreading (I usually use a premade pie crust, its easier, always turns out perfect). So I do what I always do in these situations, To The Internet!
Well luckily I happened across Pie Chef and found this recipe.

It ended up being much easier than I thought. I rolled out the bottom crust, put it in the pan, added the filling, topped with crust and put an eggwash on top. I'm glad food on a whim isn't always a fail.

Random side note:
My mom had taken the cake balls into work with her and people went crazy, and now I have to print up instructions on how to make them because so many people requested it. Have to love happy accidents. OK This has become a "Too long; Didn't Read" so congrats to you if you felt like reading this far.


  1. Hey there K,

    See! EPIC WIN on all levels. I think someone needs to start thinking of creating a cook book. Just saying. Later!

  2. Na, Cookbooks are for people who actually create things lol