Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Order here, no self service" (edited)

So for my birthday this year I wanted to make my cake. Most years I make my cake but this is different, my feat: Vegan Red Velvet Cake.
1. I'm trying to add more vegan options to my life.
2. Just to see if I can. 
3. Mixing red velvet cake makes me feel like a mad scientist (Mwahahaha! to topic)

Well my first thought "To the internet" (The answer to most of my problems sadly). Well i googled "Vegan red Velvet Cake recipes" and wow, there are a lot of different variations and when I read the review they were everything from "Fantastic" to "Stay away, run, run now". Not very consistant.  And these ingredients would be expensive, not buying things that will fail me from the start.

Then I had what I at the time thought to be a spark of genius. I would email a few vegan chefs. Well, that was a mistake.I emailed three different chefs, mainly asking for hints, tips, maybe a few recipe suggestions (they didn't have to give me their prized recipe but could have linked me to one that wasn't horrible or told me ones to stay away from).

The response? Links, links to order forms from them (cakes ranging from $35.00 - $80.00) and them boasting about how great their cakes are. I already know you make fantastic cake, why do you think I asked YOU for HELP?? when in my original emails I explained that I couldn't afford to to order a cake and would have to use food stamps to purchase ingredients anyway.

So where does this leave me? Well, I'm not sure. Back to the internet and sifting through recipes and various opinions I guess...

I hate birthdays...

**Edit, I may have found the solution to this problem via Vegan Machine **

But I still hate birthdays


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